My Deconversion

I was a catholic until the age of twelve. I live in Canada where we have public Catholic schools, which I went to. I went to church with my mother during the second grade when it was required to pass first communion, and did just fine in religion class. In the eighth grade, my slippery slope began. It was time for confirmation, and I decided that I didn’t want to have to go to church every Sunday again, so I told my parents that I wouldn’t be a confirmed Catholic. To me this had nothing to do with whether or not I believed in God, which I did, it was simply a matter of me coming into puberty and deciding I’d like to sleep until eleven on weekends.

It wasn’t until High School that I began to doubt. In my grade nine religious class, I began asking questions, many of which my teacher could not answer. My classmates were the first to thrust the term “atheist” onto me, asking me if I were such as if being inquisitive of the religion we are told to take on faith instantly put me onto the other side of this proverbial fence. At around the same time I discovered my favorite show on television, “Penn and Teller: Bullshit!” which I instantly could not get enough of. Something about me, when I watch a show, I watch the entire series as quickly as possible, and this was my first encounter with Penn and Teller. Though I know Penn and Teller’s views align for the most part on religion and politics, Penn has a voice, and certainly was loud in a time when I was looking for answers. A quick YouTube search after Bullshit and I saw all these videos of Penn speaking about atheism, and I was hooked.

Once I found Penn, finding others was easy! Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, Barker, and so many more, there were countless nights I spent awake in bed watching interview after interview until four or five in the morning, I was an atheist. I am an atheist.


One thought on “My Deconversion

  1. As a person a faith, I respect your desire for authenticity and your quest for the truth. I highly recommend that you listen to a lecture by philospher Peter Kreeft’s website: It’s called Existence of God and is under the featured audio section. For a philosopher, he’s quite entertaining. He’s also a surfer so that may explain it. Wishing you peace.


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